Prof. Dr. Tolga F. Tözüm
Implant Masters Symposium President

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to invite you to the Meffert Implant Institute Bone Tissue Symposium, which will be organized in Antalya, one of the world’s favorite scientific meeting and holiday centers, between October 14-17, 2021. We are happy to organize our symposium, where competent speakers from different countries of the world will provide important information regarding dental implantology, on behalf of   Prof. Dr. Kenan Eratalay, our Honorary President of our Institute, ensuring the development and advancement of implantology practices with real scientific basis in Turkey.

Our symposium is of great importance in terms of both providing scientific updates and creating a warm discussion environment. In addition to successful basic and advanced clinical implant applications as the main theme, a scientific environment will be provided to evaluate what we should do in cases of failure. I recommend you to follow the website for updated and detailed information.

It is one of our biggest advantages to outstay the fatigue of our symposium, which will continue throughout the day, in one of the most popular holiday venues of Antalya after the meeting. We will be very happy to see you among us and have conversations in the autumn of 2021.

With respect and greetings,

Prof. Dr. Aslan Gokbuget Meffert Implant Institute Honorary President

Dear Colleagues,

As the Meffert Implant Institute, we continue our determination to continue our scientific activities, in the days we are going through extraordinary pandemic periods. As always, the Meffert Implant Institute will appear before our colleagues in 2021 with a well-designed and scientifically satisfying community of speakers in an educational format and for anyone interested in implantology. We all know that international meetings were canceled one after another and switched to a distance education format. As our institute, we want to hold our meetings in the old format, taking into account the health of our colleagues as much as we can.

Implantology continues to be an extremely dynamic and open to scientific development, therefore scientific meetings are important opportunities for our colleagues to both improve themselves and measure their level objectively.

In addition, we will have the chance to meet with our friends and their families, whom we have not seen for a long time, and to regenerate in a holiday environment and get away from the stressful working environment.

On this occasion, I would like to express to all our colleagues that I hope to overcome this difficult pandemic period as soon as possible and meet at our congress.

Hope to see all of our colleagues at the Implant Master Symposium of 2021, I wish everyone health and well-being ..

Kind regards,

Dr. Ali Arif Ozzeybek Meffert Implant Institute President

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organization Committee, I would like to state that we will be very pleased to host you in 2021 at the Implant Masters Symposium, which we will hold in Antalya Xanadu Hotel Belek between 14-17 October 2021, dedicated to Prof.Dr.Kenan Eratalay due to valuable studies of him to science until today.

We designed this symposium for Implant Specialists, who focused on developing techniques and sharing new approaches. In this direction, we have made a great effort to contribute to the present and future of Implant in our conference.

We look forward to welcoming you to Antalya, with the well-known international speakers who will attend our event this year as every year, as well as our symposium, which provides an excellent platform to establish professional and social ties or strengthen existing ties.

Best wishes,