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Antalya TR
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Prof. Dr. Aslan Y. GÖKBUGET
Meffert Implant Enstitu Honorary President
Dear Colleagues,

Since it has been founded, Meffert Implant Enstitute has been doing numerous educational symposiums. In 2019, they are organizing yet another meeting: “Implant Master’s Symposium.” As the name suggests, it will be a meeting where World famous implantology speakers will be joining and where all kinds of questions by colleagues, about theeld, will be answered. Since day one, Me_ert Implant Institute always had an equal approach to all implant companies. It is also a unique institute which never lost the passion for teaching high levels of education to colleagues. You would appreciate that inviting such reputable speakers to our country comes with a grave nancial concern. I would like you to know despite the nancial aspects, for the sake of our colleagues great sacrices are being made through personal relationships, so the meeting can be accomplished. If you look at the program, you will see the speakers are chosen studiously. Also, as the meeting will be strictly on educational format, it will be possible to interact with the speakers during the symposium. I am honored to invite you and your families to one of the most beautiful and precious resorts of Turkey, Antalya/Kemer while the weather will still allow us to enjoy the magnicent Mediterranean seaside.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Jauar Sadegh PAKROO
Dr. Jauar Sadegh PAKROO Implant Master’s Symposium President
Dear Colleagues,

I would like to welcome all of you to the Implant Masters Symposium here in Antalya, Turkey other.

With 3 decades of experience, I’d like to relate a few pearls from implant practice and how decisions impact on future decision making.

  1. Learning Exp #1. Be bold, take risks, “Educated risks” will keep your clinical practice vibrant and energized and maintaining cutting edge dentistry. But the risks should be based on sound clinical judgment.
  1. Learning Exp #2; Integrate yourself in organized dentistry. learn to balance science and community service.
  2. Learning Exp #3, Think twice before you speak or write.

Each of you, as members of this implant society, are leaders. Leadership is a full-time job and the clock is never turned.

  1. Learning Exp #4; You can’t change the world alone. Trust your professional advisors and colleagues and accept their sage advice and expertise. Stay in touch with people who matter to you. You will have disappointments and failures in life. I certainly have had my share of failures. Make adjustments, alter course, and move on, and next time, seek advice.
  1. Seek “balance” in your professional life. If you work too hard, you’ll toil physically and mentally. Fatigue may set in, and may lead to clinical errors, patient mismanagement and malpractice. In closing, I wish someone had given me these 5 suggestions when I was 30 years old and beginning my run as an academician and clinician.

I violated many of these tenants, but fortunately not all. Try putting down your I phones once in a while and look into people’s faces.

Spend time with your family and friends.

You are implant dentists; you are already successful.

Even if you embrace 1 of these learning exp of mine, you will improve your professional and personal lives.

Dr. Ali Arif Ozzeybek Meffret Implant Enstitüsü President
Current factors in clinical exellence

We have held 11 symposiums since the one we have held in 1988 together with our honorary president Prof. Dr. Roland Meert, Dr. Micheal Pikos and Devorah Schwartz at Bodrum. We have brought together many speakers with clinicians. Thanks to implant master symposium series, we are continuing the trend of bringing together famous speakers with clinicians in the year 2019 as well. We are presenting nine worldwide known speakers who will talk about how to achieve perfect results in clinics. We recommend you not to miss this opportunity.

Best Regards.