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Dr. Haşmet Gökdeniz Implant Masters Symposium President

Dear Colleagues,

The Meffert Implant Institute Symposium, the first of which was held in our country in 1998, will be held in Xanadu Hotel, Belek / Antalya between 6 – 9 October 2022. This year’s title of the symposium will be “Full Arc Immediate Implant Reconstruction”. In this respect, worldwide authority 14 speakers will be with us. Another proud feature of the symposium is Prof.Dr. Aslan Gökbuget’s dedication to his work and it will be held in his honor. The latest innovations of dental implantology, which is developing very rapidly today, will be presented to us by both the speakers and the companies participating in the exhibition.

I invite you all to this delightful symposium.


 Best regards

Prof. Dr. Aslan Gokbuget Meffert Implant Institute Honorary President

Dear Colleagues,

Meffert Implant Institute has been providing initial and advanced implant training to our colleagues for nearly 20 years. In addition to a world congress, a European symposium, it has added congresses to which the best speakers of the world contribute to these in-service training activities. Despite this, our institute is on the way to add a new one to these distinguished meetings by not making any sacrifices.

Implantology is not a discipline that is routinely trained in our country. The education given in the faculties is insufficient. In this case, our colleagues try to learn the subject by groping in extremely limited training programs. Therefore, the quality and importance of these international education programs given by the Meffert implant institute also becomes meaningful.

I have been supporting these programs as an instructor for 20 years. Education is a lifelong phenomenon. We all learn new things every day and try to consolidate our knowledge and skills. Therefore, the contribution of the Institute to our profession and implantology becomes more important.

This year, Meffert Implant Institute brought me a great honor by holding the congress on my behalf. Again, we are ready for this congress with world-class speakers who are competent in their fields…

I would like to underline that these organizations are made with an amateur spirit and with great efforts and sacrifices.

In addition, the congress date offers us a congress and holiday opportunity once again with our families at the end of the summer, before the sea  season ends in Antalya.

With all my love and respect.

Dr. Ali Arif Ozzeybek Meffert Implant Institute President

Dear Colleagues,

The organization of the Implant Masters Symposium in 2022, which continues to grow stronger year by year and by increasing its bond with its target audience, is the Honorary President of Meffert Implant Institute, Mr. Prof. Dr. I am proud to announce that it will be held in honor of Aslan GÖKBUGET.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank once again GÖKBUGET, who has made a great effort by working with us in the education programs of our institute for 20 years and played a major role in raising both students and academicians throughout his career at the university.

In addition to this happiness, I am also excited to be preparing to bring you together with the world’s leading speakers once again. In this year’s stage of our event, which is set an example in every respect with its scientific content, number of participants and sponsor support; Again, important topics, each more important than the other, will be discussed a lot with their quality that will shed light on the future as well as the current one.

I invite all my colleagues who want to look at the world of implants again with the approaches and touches of global experts to this valuable event in October.

Best regards..